• Program:
    California College of the Arts
  • Course:
    Fashion Design 2/ Spring 2012
  • Photography:
    Ann Anglim

The apparel industry produces an incredible amount of waste in the design and manufacturing of our garments. During the pattern making process, the patternmaker must determine the best layout of the pattern pieces to minimize waste of materials, and mark fabric accordingly. Computer-aided design has helped make this more efficient, however 15% of fabric is discarded on average per garment. This small percentage adds up to a lot in today’s world of fast fashion.

Zero-waste design is a new way of thinking that challenges existing techniques. The objective is to create a garment that allows for no material to be left on the cutting room floor. This project resulted in designing and producing a garment that used the entire 1.5 yards of fabric with no waste.

Digital print on organic cotton fabric inspired by chewing gum on city sidewalks.

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