Originally from Chicago, I am a first generation Latina of Guatemalan and Puerto Rican decent. I’ve been drawn to be creative ever since I could remember.
Today, I am an artist, textiles & sustainability aficionado and design strategist.




As an artist and designer:
Inspired by the energy of the city and my parent’s stories of their rural upbringing in their homelands, much of my art and design work captures a longing for moments of raw beauty in the city that, for me, exude peace.  More and more I find myself escaping the cacophony of the city into the vast intricate beauty of nature to move beyond a longing and into fresh air with my camera in hand.


As a textiles & sustainability aficionado:
Textiles is always on the mind… I have been designing, weaving, and printing on various materials for over 15 years. The tactile process of making is what drives me. But over the years, I found myself striving to make in ways that were least harmful to our environment. Fabric is apart of our everyday lives, and its processes have a tremendous impact on the quality of life. My inspiration stems from addressing this challenge by making more conscious choices and surrounding myself with like-minded souls to collaborate and create positive change.


As a Design Strategist:
Getting my hands dirty in the creative process of “building to think” towards innovative solutions is inspiring. Along my path to obtaining an MBA, it was important that I remain a maker. What does that mean for business? “Business as usual” seems to have a rigid form, but I believe it to be moldable. Instinct leads me to shape it with my hands into something beautiful and meaningful with a keen eye for the triple bottom line.

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