• Program:
    MBA, California College of the Arts
  • Course:
    Strategic Foresight / Fall 2011

The Strategic Foresight course objective was to acquire the basic understanding of its theories and practices. This process involves developing probable futures, including the creation of a shared long-term vision that in inform short-term decision making practices within organizations. Our team of two focused the final project on the future of water and its affects on textile industry.

Americans believe that water is an endless resource,and act as such, wasting water in many of their routine activities, such as washing the dishes, etc… It’s a greater leap to look beyond their lives and consider water-use in the things they buy. Textiles is a water intensive industry and we are surrounded by textile goods. Americans do not think about how much water it takes to produce their clothing or anything else textile related. They are so far removed from this process, and without their support and demand for more innovative and sustainable options, all textile related industries will not change.

Informing consumers about how much fresh, drinking water goes into their garments can help bring awareness to water scarcity and shift mindsets. We developed future scenarios around water use in textiles and focused on one where water is rationed due to scarcity. This led to the design of a public engagement guerilla project meant to inject the future into the mental ecology of the present. The goal was to incite consumers to consider their water footprint and to participate on the website.

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