• Program:
    MFA, Rhode Island School of Design
  • Course:
    Thesis Project
  • Exhibitions:
    Felissimo Design House, Textiles Thesis Show (NY) / 2004, RISD Museum, Textiles Thesis Show (RI) / 2004, Sol Koffler Gallery, Textile Graduate Exhibition (RI) / 2004,

My thesis was inspired by an urban upbringing. The phenomena of the postmodern city possesses an excited energy that permeates every street and back alley. Within this constant input of modern urban life, city dwellers nurse a quiet desire to return to an agrarian past. As a city dweller, I long for the rural, a quiet space where my surroundings are clearly perceived and calm exudes.

I seek out this visceral experience within my urban landscape and discover remnants and moments of beauty within it. My art and design work isolate this beauty in order to indulge the observer into a moment of pause, reflection, or calm. The intention is to inject our hectic lives with these quiet spaces.

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